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Apart from our book writing and creation services, CV Publika Global Media provides comprehensive book publishing services. We recognize the intricacies and time-consuming nature of the book publishing process, which is why we are here to support authors and publishers in bringing their book publishing dreams to life. 

Outline of our book publishing services

Manuscript Assessment

Before initiating the publishing process, we will conduct a preliminary evaluation of your manuscript. Our aim is to offer feedback and constructive advice to ensure that your manuscript is prepared for publication.

Editing and Proofreading

Our dedicated editing team will conduct thorough editing and proofreading on your manuscript to rectify grammar, spelling, and other errors, ensuring that the final published result is of the highest quality.

Book Design and Formatting

Our skilled design team will craft an attractive and professional book cover design and layout. A captivating design plays a vital role in capturing the attention of potential readers.

Print and Electronic Publication

We provide publishing services in both print and electronic formats (e-book). You have the flexibility to choose one or both of these options, depending on your preferences and publishing objectives.

Copyright and ISBN Handling

We will provide support in handling copyright and obtaining the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), necessary for the official publication of your book.

Distribution and Sales Assistance

Upon publication, we offer support in distributing and selling your book. Leveraging our distribution network, we aim to reach a broader audience with your work.

Book Marketing and Promotion

Additionally, we offer book marketing and promotional services. Our dedicated marketing team will collaborate with you to create effective marketing strategies and promote your book through diverse channels, including social media, websites, and book exhibition events.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services

A well-organized and efficient book publishing process.

Experienced and skilled professionals dedicated to book publishing.

Flexibility to choose between print and/or electronic publication.

Assistance in copyright and ISBN management.

Opportunities to reach a wider audience through distribution and marketing support.

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